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AI Staff Augmentation

AI Staff Augmentation

Automation in every sector is a need of hour. We provide the fast and efficient artificial intelligence system for reduce workload and speed up the recruitment process.

Some of the niche technologies our consultants work on:

Machine Learning  AI, IIB  Message Broker, Data Visualization, IBM Informix/Data Studio/WebSphere, UI/UX  Designer, Network  &  information Security (AWS), Cloud  Computing, Pega  Developer, IOS  Developer , BlockChain , Android Developer

AI Chatbot will help you engage and interview the candidate

Connect with candidate wih auto-dialer, auto-text and auto- email

Intelligent resume screening through applicatio tracking system (ATS)

High volume of Job posting

Video Interview by using AI algorithms to analze the candidate throughly 

Invite candidate for Face-to-face interview just with a click or even hire on spot

Faster hiring, better hiring

Application Tacking system

ATS helps in electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs. 

Requisition Management

Requisition includes recruiting managers, recruiters, posting jobs on job boards and social media. Mass mailing and automatic responses.


Any Candidates you search will be automatically added in database so you can track their activity, easy follow ups, scheduling interviews.etc


Our VMS enables you to automatically import of datasheets, requisition and automatic assignment of recruiters.

Mass Mails & Email merge

You can create multiple templates, send automatic mails to candidates in database, smart filters for effective selection.

How it works?

Benefits of ATS

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